The Moyer Law Firm handles litigated subrogated matters filed in all 92 Indiana counties and both Indiana federal court districts.   We also have experience handling select cases occurring in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Iowa.  The firm accepts cases ranging from a $1,500.00 disputed auto property damage claim up to a multi-million dollar commercial property loss.  We handle property, auto, workers compensation and bond subrogation claims.

By restricting our practice to just few areas of law, our staff has developed an expertise and extensive knowledge of subrogation law.  Firm personnel know the applicable statutory law, the federal, state and local procedural requirements, the possible causes of action, the discovery rules and the pre-trial filings required of a subrogation case.  In addition to getting witnesses to actually appear at trial, we know how to effectively prepare and present witnesses for a judge and/or jury.  We know how to select experts, and then assist these experts with their investigation into your case.  Our staff can notify all potential responsible parties to a loss and save your company personnel the time and expense required to schedule a site or lab exam.

The Moyer Law Firm accepts subrogation cases on a contingency fee basis.  We encourage our clients to take advantage of this “no win – no fee” arrangement and contact us immediately upon receipt of a potential subrogation matter.  Unless one of our firm personnel boards an airplane, the client is not charged for travel expenses such as mileage, hotel and food expense.  These expenses are paid by the firm within our contingency fee agreement.   We want to inspect the scene and speak with your insured as soon as possible following the client’s first notice of the loss.  In addition to obtaining a great deal of information not found in the client’s file materials, we do not mind getting dirty at the scene of the loss.

The Moyer Law Firm can handle intercompany arbitration filings through both Arbitration Forums and NAMIC.  The Moyer Law Firm has developed a small appliance fire/water loss program to assist your clients on those losses where it is not economically feasible to retain an expert.  The Moyer Law Firm has associated with UMR of Indiana to assist our clients with recoveries on their uninsured auto losses. Please contact us and we will send you more information about our intercompany arbitration, small appliance fire/water loss and uninsured auto loss programs.



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